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Castle Garage Doors: Veteran Owned Business

Castle Garage Doors is proud to be a Veteran-Owned company! Owner, Adam Chertkow served as a Navy Seabee in ACB-1 out of Coronado, CA for several years before he became owner of Castle. With deployments in South Korea, South Africa, and Afghanistan, Adam was part of a Seabee team that provided humanitarian aid, built bridges, […]
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Garage Door Maintenance

In order for your garage door(s) to continue to run as smoothly and as quietly as possible, it is important to maintenance them. A garage door should be lubricated at least once a year, however most people will go the entire life of the opener system without ever sustaining their garage door(s). The following list […]
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Curb Appeal Matter?

In a recent study, Real estate agents nationwide were asked to determine if a garage door’s appearance made a difference in the overall listing price they would value a house at. Nearly all of the agents that participated agreed that a new garage door enhances the curb appeal of a property. For those that are unfamiliar with that term, […]
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